We are a private training facility that allows our clients to thrive in a private and personal studio atmosphere. The membership options allow those who do not have personal training sessions to work out within our facility with a personalized workout and nutrition program provided every 4 weeks from our trainers. Your wellness journey begins with a comprehensive consultation which includes lifestyle activity and nutrition patterns, body fat assessment, and Fit3D Proscan.  The consultation will provide us a baseline for progress throughout your wellness journey. We focus on the composition changes of the body than worrying about how the scale moves.Your membership also provides you with a Fit3D scan every 4 weeks, a UR Fit water bottle and towel service.

It is our passion to ensure that your experience at UR Fit is exactly what we promise. Members receive a designated time slot of the day that is dedicated for them to work out on their own. Only 2 members maximum will receive this time for their own workouts ensuring the facility is not over-crowded.  Membership pricing ranges between $100-$270 a month based on how many reserved time slots you book for each week.

Members also receive a 10% discount on Personal Training!

Call us to set up a tour of the facility or to learn more, 512.906.2263 or: